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Our 14 Year Anniversary!

MSR is coming up on another anniversary – our 14th year in business – and so it’s time to again thank all the customers and suppliers for all of their support over these great years. We started with a dream and something of a plan in Oklahoma in 2001. Our first unit was a very small separator intended to treat the ground water leakage into the pit at an auto service company. From this tiny unit, about the size of a two drawer file cabinet, MSR has grown and the size of our equipment has grown as well!

precision tune

MSR First Unit with 0.75 US GPM

We recently provided three large units for production equipment in West Texas and last year, as pictured below, we provided equipment for a 20,000 US GPM retrofit of the separators at an oil refinery in Pennsylvania. MSR has provided equipment for airports, electric power generation facilities, oil production, oil processing, vehicle maintenance, stormwater processing, and many other applications.


Oil Refinery (One of four, total flow of 20,000 US GPM)

dragon oil-water separator

MSR Oil Production Separator Unit, 1050 US GPM capacity

We have equipment for just about every kind of oil removal (either hydrocarbon oil or vegetable oil) from water that may be needed for both industrial and environmental purposes. We are always excited for new opportunities to help the environment and help industries become more efficient. Thanks again for all of your continued help and support and we hope that you will continue to place your trust in us.

Best Regards,

Kirby Mohr, P.E.