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Mohr Separations Research, Inc. Products

Mohr Separations Research, Inc. coalescing plate separators / oil water separator units / Oil water separator tanks saves resources while increasing oil recovery for virtually any municipal, industrial, or government facility separating oil from water.

Our products use coalescing plate separator technology – one of the best technologies for separating two non-mixing liquids. Separate almost any hydrocarbon oil and most non-hydrocarbon oils, such as corn oil or other vegetable oils, from water.

MSR’s has extensive design experience in oil and water separation systems for various applications. Our equipment is similar in design to CPI (Corrugated Plate Interceptor) separators, also called Corrugated Plate Separators or CPI Interceptors, but our media is much more optimized for separation of oil from water.

Use MSR coalescing plate separators to:

  • Separate oil from wastewater as an industrial pretreatment system prior to directing the water to sewer or other disposal.
  • Separate oil from circulating water or other aqueous phase systems to remove the oils so that the stream can more economically be reused. Machine tool coolant recycling is a good example of this.
  • Separate oil from water or water from oil so that either the oil or water or both may be purified and reused or recycled. It is also possible to separate a mixed oil and water stream to both remove the oil from water to low concentrations and remove the water from the oil to low concentrations in a single system.


Advantages of Coalescing Plate Separators as a Oil Water Separator


Coalescing plate separators and other systems designed by Mohr Separations Research, Inc. offer a number of advantages:

  • Maximum reliability
  • Minimum operating costs
  • Simple maintenance requirements – no moving parts
  • The oil that is recovered is usually suitable for recycling or reuse
  • Improved process performance
  • Custom designed to meet plant performance or environmental need

Oil Water Separator Replacement Media

MSR offers replacement coalescing oil water separator media for Quantek,  Great Lakes Environmental, and other oil water separators and separator systems.


Below Ground Separators

Below Ground Coalescing Plate Separators for Oil Water Separation

Below ground separators are usually specified for storm water processing and industrial plan effluent streams.

MSR typically installs systems in concrete vaults or manholes.

Our storm water processing systems meet the requirements of the U.S. Clean Water Act, while also meeting local requirements in other countries.

We generally work with local precast concrete companies to provide cost-effective systems, but also can provide separator equipment for existing concrete vaults or new cast in place vaults.

Find some of our equipment for these applications listed in the following:

  1. High Solids Systems
  2. MSR Corporate Brochure

Above Ground Separators

Above Ground Coalescing Plate Separators for Oil Water Separation

Above ground separators are usually specified for use with industrial process flow streams, industrial effluent streams, and also in purifying machine tool coolant. MSR designs oil water separators for all industrial uses from the simplest to the most difficult to manage systems. We custom design all of our industrial systems to exactly fit the customer’s needs as well as providing separators in steel, stainless steel, aluminum, fiberglass or polypropylene as required by the needs of the service. Unless requested by the customer, we coat inside and outside steel units with a chemical resistant epoxy coating.

While most commonly used in atmospheric design tanks, MSR also designs separators for pressure vessels required.

Some of our equipment for above ground applications are: