Solving Oil Water Separator Problems

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Oil Water Separator Parts

MSR has experience in refitting many different manufacturers’ separators with high-efficiency media. Whether performing a retrofit or supplying hard to find replacements oil water separator parts, we can often increase both the flow rate and the performance without major changes in the separators.


Oil Water Separator Parts

Get hard to find replacement oil water separator parts for steel, stainless, fiberglass and concrete oil water separators. MSR provides the latest high-efficiency replacement parts for most oil water separators.

Oil Water Separator Parts


  • Quantek
  • Facet

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  • Great Lakes Environmental
  • AFL
  • … and many others


Above Ground Separator Retrofits

MSR retrofits older equipment to improve efficiency and flow since retrofits can be the best solution. Some facilities still have old-fashioned inefficient API, API type separators, and CPI or TPI separators. Out of date designs of old separators may not meet modern environmental control specifications. MSR can retrofit most under performing API separators and CPI and TPI separators. Industries include:

Steel Oil Water Separator Electric Power Plant

Steel Separator

  • Electric power generation facilities
  • Vehicle maintenance facilities
  • Railroad maintenance facilities

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  • Oil refinery and other oil related facilities
  • Military facilities
  • … other industries


MSR Coalescing Media



Many older below ground and above ground oil water separators are still structurally sound, but for a variety of reasons the media has deteriorated and become nonfunctional. Replacement parts are needed to rejuvenate these separators. Many of the separator companies are no longer in business and so original equipment parts are not available. Because these separators are already in place with piping and controls, the most cost-effective way of ensuring good environmental performance is to provide new high-efficiency media.

MSR Coalescing media pack is one of the most efficient ways to remove oil from water using an enhanced gravity design that does not require consumables or utilities and lasts many, many years. Our coalescing equipment can help your facility meet the requirements of the Clean Water Act without replacing your old oil and water separator.  MSR guarantees the performance.