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Oil Water Separator Rental

MSR provides oil water separator rental options for testing customer’s flow streams to verify and quantify the ability of MSR’s technology to remove oil to the requirements. 

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Sometimes customer engineers are not certain a proposed oil water separator system will work in their particular application. It is possible because of really unusual set of circumstances. It might also be because there is a concern about the economics of a system – one example of this would be if a machine tool coolant cleanup system will extend the coolant life long enough to justify purchasing a unit.

Separator Rental Applications

  • Rent-to-Own Results Testing
  • Pilot Unit Testing
MSR11S Test Oil Water Separator Rental Saltwater Produced Water Disposal Well
In cases like these, an actual operating test in the plant with the plant fluids will prove the effectiveness of a coalescing oil water separator to anyone looking at the project. For this reason, MSR offers a small separator for use in this kind of testing.


The MSR-11 S Oil Water Separator Rental

This unit is constructed of solid 304 Stainless Steel for maximum compatibility with process fluids.  The MSR-11 S Oil Water Separator rental confirms the viability of using a coalescing system in the considered service and also for confirming information necessary for providing exact sizing needed for meeting customer needs. 

Using MSR-11 S helps prove fluids can be purified at low cost and without using consumable filter cartridges or absorbents.  It is suitable for testing up to about 10 US gpm depending on the application. 

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Use it in gravity flow or with a positive displacement pump since MSR can provide an air diaphragm system pump if required.

If you purchase a unit after renting it, MSR deducts the rental cost from the cost of the unit, so your test is free!  
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