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Below Ground Oil Water Separators

Below Ground Oil Water SeparatorMSR below ground oil water separators efficiently separate free and dispersed (non-emulsified) oils and settleable solids from rainwater runoff, industrial effluent water and other oily wastewater applications. This is usually done via gravity flow, but also by pumped flow.

We design our below ground oil water separators to fit the customer needs. MSR provides equipment for installation in underground concrete vaults, underground fiberglass and steel separators.

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Below Ground Oil Water Separators Kits

We provide kits for specific separators,bulk media and engineering services for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). Kits generally include:

  • System process design
  • Media, either 8mm nominal spacing or 16mm nominal spacing required
  • All brackets and seals for mounting the media

Replacement Media

In addition to kits and equipment for OEM use, we can also provide replacement media for:

  • Coalescing plate systems
  • Coalescing tube systems
  • CPI separators
  • TPI separators



Below Ground Oil Water Separator Equipment

MSR oil water separator equipment is available for use in precast concrete vaults or cast in place vaults. Designs include:

Designs for Stacking the Media

  • MSR media installed directly in a vault, with MSR brackets and seals.
    Download Typical Module Installation Procedure (pdf)
  • Use for new or existing vaults and for closed or open top vaults.
  • Capacities available up to 20,000 US gallons per minute (4600 cubic meters per hour) or more if required.
  • Used in API separators to improve flow rate and effluent quality.
API Below Ground Oil Water Separators -  Refit
Vault with Media

Frame Type Design
Used where it might be easiest and most cost-effective to lower a frame or frames with media pre-installed into the vault. This system is also convenient for service when required.
Download The Military Engineer: Removing Oil From Water (pdf)

Below ground oil water separator - Military Installation

HSD Designs
Used in services where there are large quantities of solid particles present. Design allows solid particles to fall out of the bottom of the separator system to the bottom of the vault .
Download High Solids System (pdf)

HSD Unit



Replacement Parts and Media

Parts and media are designed to manufacture “or equal” vaults. MSR provides below ground oil water separator design and media to replace oil water separator designs from:

  • Facet International (PECOFacet)
  • Oldcastle
  • Mercer International
  • Contech
  • Vortechnics
  • Quantek
  • AFL
  • Pielkenrood
  • Great Lakes Environmental
  • Park Equipment
  • And others



Coalescing Plate Separators

Coalescing plate modules operate by gravity oil water separation. MSR’s closely spaced plates ensure optimal efficiency. Modules remove hydrocarbon and non-hydrocarbon oils such as corn or other vegetable oils from water. 

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Below Ground Oil Water Separator Vault Installation



Enhanced Gravity Oil Water Separator Benefits

  • Low maintenance
  • Easy to clean coalescing modules typically last the life of the separator
  • Coalescing plate modules can be cleaned in place or removed for cleaning to remove solid particles
  • The captured oil can be recycled

Applications Below Ground Oil Water Separators

Underground oil water separators are perfect for use with industrial processes:

  • Stormwater Processing
  • Vehicle maintenance
  • Chemical industries
  • Oil & Gas Industry
  • Large flow rates
  • Any other application where oil is present in the water and must be removed