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TCoolant Purification - Coolant Recovery Tramp Oil Separator

Oil and Water Separators for Coolant Purification

From Mohr Separations Research

Oil and water separators for coolant purification can, quite literally, extend the life of your machine coolant, and save money on coolant replacement costs. How? Coolant purification oil water separators keep machine tool coolants free of tramp oil and solid matter, helping maximize coolant life and minimize coolant and labor costs. MSR coolant recovery systems help maximize coolant life which saves both maintenance and coolant replacement costs. We will be glad to design a coolant reclaim system to meet the needs of your facility. MSR does not provide coolant filtration systems. This is because a coolant filtration system has consumable filters which add to operating costs.


Coolant Purification Resources

MSR coalescing plate technology which has been used successfully in solving petroleum and chemical industry problems also can be applied to the processing of metal-cutting coolants. This technology, featuring the use of coalescing plate separators, provides a very effective and low-cost method of removing solids and tramp oil in one process. Removal of these contaminants, especially the oil, dramatically extends coolant life and reduces maintenance costs. Proper use of purification equipment can extend the life of machine tool coolant by 30% or more.

If tramp oil is not removed from circulating coolant systems, it can be used as a food by various types of bacteria. This causes runaway bacterial growth. This bacterial growth can cause odor problems, allergic reactions among the workers, and also can affect the machining properties of the coolant. All of these problems can cause higher expenses, lower productivity, machine breakage and / or excess bearing wear.

MSR coalescing plate separators clean coolants. This increases coolant life, reduces costs, and increases productivity with the added bonus of promoting a healthier workplace. The MSR system stands out above the rest. MSR units avoid utilizing absorbents or other consumables, and avoid utilizing any high speed centrifugal equipment. This makes it economical and easy to operate.