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MSR Oil-Water Separators for Stormwater Processing

Stormwater Processing US Laws and Regulations

A variety of federal, state and local laws govern oil water stormwater processing for discharges from industrial and other facilities. MSR equipment helps in stormwater quality mitigation.  The basic law covering discharges is the Clean Water Act (CWA). Permits for discharge are required and any discharges other than those allowed by permit are illegal.

Although the Clean Water Act (CWA) was enacted primarily to control discharges from sanitary sewer and industrial plants, it also governs other discharges of water containing petroleum and other hydrocarbons into water.

Most states and localities require discharges to contain 15 ppm or less oil and grease, based on a 24 hour composite sample. This requirement is based on the CWA requirement for “no sheen”. Oil and grease may include petroleum hydrocarbons as well as animal and vegetable oils. MSR equipment removes oil for processing rainwater for rainwater harvesting.Stormwater Processing Concrete Vaults

Stormwater discharges were covered under the CWA but not required to have permits under the system until 1990. “Stormwater discharges” refer to discharges consisting entirely of rainwater runoff, snowmelt runoff, or surface runoff and drainage. Regulations do not cover waters not meeting this definition. These rules specify that facilities with storm water discharges from “areas containing raw materials, intermediate products, finished products, by-product, or waste product located on site” will require a permit.

For help with your stormwater processing and pollution prevention plan, please see our Stormwater Environmental Compliance BMP, provided in the technical information page.


Stormwater Processing Systems for Industrial Plants

Install our system in underground concrete vaults. Get MSR Coalescing systems either as cast-in-place or precast for processing stormwater from industrial and commercial facilities.  Use MSR systems as either above ground or underground oil water separators.

Stormwater Processing Cconcrete Vaults

MSR provides kits of equipment for installation in existing or new cast-in-place systems and has arrangements with some concrete precast vault companies to provide complete systems ready to install in the ground.

Our stormwater processing systems  produce effluent meeting the requirements for discharge for either 10 mg/L or 15 mg/L effluent quality as required.

A down fall to common stormwater processing system filtration systems is that they experience plugging with solid particles within the water flow and filtration systems. These require frequent filter cartridge changes.  The much wider spacing of the MSR media is substantially less likely to plug. It is a permanent media so there is no need for replacements.

Stormwater Processing Systems for Commercial Facilities

Many commercial facilities such as truck depots and large service stations require stormwater processing pollution prevention equipment. MSR coalescing systems installed in concrete vaults are often the most economical and reliable methods for controlling oil in stormwater. We design for any size necessary so please contact us today for your stormwater processing and pollution control needs!