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Electric Utilities

Electric Utilities Oil Water Separators

Efficient electric utilities oil water separators offer tremendous benefits and improved operations.

MSR offers predischarge processing solutions for oily water treatment. Utilizing existing pits or structures to minimize costs, MSR meets regulatory requirements. Use our equipment in either fossil fuel or hydroelectric facilities. Please contact us for suggestions on designs that are both economical and effective.

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Electric Utilities Oil Water Separators Sample Applications

Hydroelectric Dam/Turbine Leakage Water – US

Hydroelectric Dam Turbine Leakage ProcessingMost hydroelectric dams experience some leaks around the turbine bearings, both lubricating oils and some of the water. This contaminates the water.

MSR worked with a western US hydroelectric plant, replacing media for two 1990s vintage separators. Prepared calculations showed the expected performance of the replacement media and the existing tank as well as making design suggestions for adapting the existing media frames to use our high-efficiency media. The net result was a very simple revision to the existing frames for installation of the new media.

We installed replacement media in one of the two tanks in 2011, then, after several months of operation, the separator with the new media accumulated approximately 3 inches of oil (75 mm). Non-retrofitted separators equipped with the previous, less efficient media, only accumulated a small skim of oil. The photo on the left shows the media as installed in frames.

Hydroelectric Dam / Turbine Leakage Water – Canada

Most hydroelectric dams experience some leaks around the turbine bearings, both lubricating oils and some of the water. This causes the water contamination. Before discharged, contaminated water processes through, removing the oil. Some leakage happens through the dam structure into the machinery spaces contaminating water. The leaked lubricating oil originates from many sources. This water must also be treated for removal of the oil before discharge.

In 2004, MSR completed the design and supplied the equipment for two large separators for processing leakage water at a hydroelectric facility in Canada. Each of these systems is designed for 9000 US GPM (2050 m^3/hr) and is a retrofit of new high efficiency MSR internals in existing concrete sumps. The design of this system also included reuse of the existing dewatering pumps and installation of new MSR belt skimmers for rePicture6moval of Picture7captured oil from the sumps. The reuse of existing sumps and pumps made this a very economical installation for the flow rates. The drawing to the left shows a cutaway side view of the installation, including the belt skimmers. All of the equipment shown in the sumps is new except the pumps. The MSR design, reusing the existing sumps and pumps, saved the customer almost a million dollars over the alternative designs.



Transformer Stations

transformer station - electric utilities oil water separatorsMost, if not all, power generation facilities have large transformer stations, some equipped or not equipped with water deluge systems. Transformer stations may be remotely located or provided on site as well as having existing concrete catch basins that may be useful for oil-water separators if refitted with high efficiency MSR internals. MSR designs numerous systems of this type. Request a quote on the design of either completely new systems or retrofitting existing systems. We always take into account the possibility of transformer oil spills, leaks and/or, worst case scenario, transformer fires, so that our designs account for all possible cases.