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Coolant Recovery System Tramp Oil Separator

Coolant Recovery System Tramp Oil Separator

MSR machine tool coolant recovery system tramp oil separator leads the industry. Coolant recovery coalescing filter separator systems efficiently separate tramp oil droplets from coolant to purify the coolant and increase coolant life. We design our coolant tramp oil water separators to fit the needs of any size system or systems.

Save with Increased Coolant Life: Good tramp oil removal increases coolant life as much as 30% thus reducing machine tool coolant disposal needs by 30%.


Coolant Recovery System Tramp Oil Separator



MSR Coolant Recovery System Tramp Oil Separators capture more oil since they process all of the coolant through the coalescing media which captures the smaller droplets.

The MSR Full Flows Systems treat all of the coolant flow for best possible cleanup.

MSR Slipstream / Bypass Systems, which treat a percentage of the flow, remove the oil because they rely on numerous passes through the system. Use the MSR Slipstream / Bypass Systems where a full flow system is not possible.


Common Systems only remove a tiny percentage of the oil and virtually none of the small oil droplets.

These systems include tramp oil skimmer systems, coolant skimmers, rotating skimmers, belt oil skimmers or tube oil skimmers.

All of these designs only remove the tramp oil that has separated naturally and floated to the surface.

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MSR Coolant Recovery System Tramp Oil Separator is the greenest possible design and has many advantages over other methods of removing oil from coolant:

  • More Oil Removed: The processed coolant (all coolant) removes very small oil droplets too small to rise to the surface.
  • Low Maintenance: Unlike other filter cartridges, our coalescing plates unlike others have an extremely long field life. Ten years or more life before needing replacement, making maintenance infrequent. Most of the time, clean coalescing plate systems in place, making maintenance easy, inexpensive, and infrequent.
  • Coolant recycling system – Our coolant recycling equipment / coolant recycling machines recover oil that can be recycled.
  • NO absorbents uses eliminates absorbent disposal from the process.
  • No need to replace cartridges. Unlike cartridge type coalescers, coalescing plate separators can recover from large amounts of surfactants (soaps or detergents) which would require replacement of cartridge type coalescers.

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MSR Coolant Recovery Systems

We provide systems for central coolant recycling programs of any capacity or individual systems for single machines.

We help with system process design because this ensures that the system provided will effectively treat the coolant for tramp oil removal.

MSR can even provide retrofit kits to convert your existing sump into a high-efficiency tramp oil removal system. It improves efficiency and at the same time save valuable floor space.

Coolant Recovery System Tramp Oil Separator Rental – Test Results

MSR has a small rental test unit available. We recommend renting it out to test systems before committing to a complete system installation. See how system operations improve when using the high-efficiency MSR recycling / reclaim system. 

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Case Study

A North Texas machining facility ran tests using this rental unit.