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MSR Oil-Water Separator Test System Rental

 MSR Test Unit

MSR announces the availability of a new MSR-11S Stainless oil-water separator constructed of solid 304 Stainless Steel for maximum compatibility with process fluids. The MSR-11S is available for rental as a means of confirming the viability of using a coalescing module system in whatever service is being considered and also confirming the information necessary to provide exact sizing to meet the needs of the customer.

Use the MSR-11S to prove that your fluids can be purified at low cost and without the use of consumable filter cartridges or absorbents. It is suitable for testing up to approximately 10 US GPM depending on the application. MSR will be glad to help with the test design.

It can be used in gravity flow or with a positive displacement pump. MSR can provide an air diaphragm system pump if required. If you purchase a unit from MSR, we will deduct the rental cost from the cost of the unit, so your test is free! Please contact us to schedule a test!