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Produced Water Treatment Systems

Oilfield Produced Water Treatment Systems
MSR designs and installs produced water treatment systems for salt water disposal well water treatment associated with the oil and gas industry. Custom designed mobile oilfield produced water treatments systems or fixed water treatment systems fit the needs of any sized installation. All MSR oil water separation systems deliver solutions meeting requirements for oil in salt water disposal from oil and gas operations. Oil Coalescer Systems help you reach your goals.

Increase yields: MSR water treatment systems reclaim crude oil from water and are more efficient than older design methods used for recovery such as gunbarrels.

Decrease maintenance costs: Removing residual oil also reduces SWD filter changes and can reduce well workover maintenance time and costs.

We provide systems for water treatment programs of any capacity or individual systems for single wells. We help with system process design to ensure that the system provided will effectively treat the water for oil removal.

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MSR Produced Water Treatment Systems Advantages:

MSR systems are the greenest possible designs with many advantages over other methods of removing oil from water:

  • Capture more sellable oil. Current methods remove most of the oil but virtually none of the really small oil droplets. The MSR system processes all of the water through the coalescing media which captures the small droplets. MSR designs our systems to avoid bypassing and convection currents which can allow processed water containing droplet-form oil to escape. With the MSR system, those oil droplets do not escape thus increasing the recovered oil sold.
    All of the water is processed and very small oil droplets too small to rise to the surface naturally are removed. We can remove droplets down to 20 or 30 µm which is smaller than the smallest droplet the human eye sees, about 40 µm.
  • Save with low maintenance. Coalescing plate systems are cleanable and can often be cleaned in place, making maintenance easy in addition to being infrequent. Unlike filter cartridges, our coalescing plates are not used up like coalescing cartridges and have an extremely long field life. Ten years or more life before replacement is possible, making maintenance infrequent. Our oil water coalescer design helps you meet your goals.
  • NO absorbents use eliminates absorbent coast and disposal cost from the process.
  • No need to replace cartridges. Unlike cartridge type coalescers, coalescing plate separators can recover from large amounts of surfactants (soaps or detergents) which would require replacement of cartridge type coalescers.


Produced Water Technology Applications

  • Traditional Facility Treatment Wastewater Operations
  • Oilfield Produced Water Treatment Operations
  • Saltwater Disposal Wells


Produced Water System Rentals
Test Results

MSR has a small rental test unit available. We recommend renting it to test systems before committing to a complete system installation. See how system operations improve when using high-efficiency MSR produced water treatment systems.

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Case Study

A Permian Basin salt water disposal facility ran tests using this rental unit and then they upgraded to a full-scale unit.

We constructed the full scale unit using a frac tank as the basic structure and utilizing coalescing media to perform the separation.  This was a very large system. We build produced water treatment systems for small to large to meet the needs of the project.