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New HE-Media in EZ-Stack Modules for Pennsylvania Refinery

MSR recently installed a replacement set of our HE-media in EZ-stack modules in four separators at a Pennsylvania refinery. The refinery originally had two large API separators with a nominal capacity of 4000 US GPM each. In 1996, this capacity and the effluent quality were determined to be insufficient and it was necessary to make improvements. Kirby Mohr was asked to consider the possibility of increasing the capacity by installing high-efficiency media. In the resulting design, the two API separators were each divided into two sections, making a total of four separators, and MSR HE-media in EZ-stack modules were installed to increase capacity and improve the effluent quality. With the addition of the new media, it was possible to rate each of the four separators at 5000 US GPM. This constituted an increase of capacity from a total of 8000 US GPM to a total of 20000 US GPM. Subsequent testing indicated effluent values consistently less than 5 mg per liter of oil. In 2013, refinery personnel decided it was time to replace the 17-year-old media and chose MSR’s HE-media in EZ-stack modules as a replacement. The media has just been installed and we do not yet have efficiency test results. The photograph below shows the installation in one of the four separators. Each separator measures 18 feet wide by 8 feet deep and contains two rows of coalescing media. This is a similar configuration to what was originally installed in 1996. The use of MSR’s coalescing media, which has proven sustainability, operates by gravity without moving or consumable parts and recovers recyclable oil.