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A Cosmetic Industrial Oil Water Separator Unique Solution


A Canadian cosmetics manufacturing facility recently asked us for an industrial oil water separator which removed miscellaneous oils removed from the wastewater stream. The facility makes numerous products utilizing many different ingredients. This produces a vast range of oils with differing properties.


The Challenge

Creating a custom liquid solid separator system that could remove these different oils.

In conjunction with Echelon Environmental, our Ontario representative, we designed a two stage filter and removal system:

  • Upstream stage which is basically a grease trap
  • Downstream stage which is a MSR coalescing unit


Defining the Problem

MSR designed a custom HSD (high solids design) liquid / solid separator unit that specifically removed the unique range of oils while separating out the solid particles. Some properties for all the possible oils and solids were unknown but we did know that the cosmetics would be applied and stick to the skin. With that in mind, MSR assumed there was a good likelihood that the combination of oils and solid particles would be sticky and likely to adhere to the coalescing media surface.


Cosmetic Industrial Oil Water Separator Solution

The standard HSD unit is a fixed installation in a vault, capturing most of the solid particles. The particles fall down into the vault under the HSD unit but some solids don’t fall down immediately by themselves. The MSR cleaning wand sprays these out of the unit. Not all the solids in this application respond to the vigorous spray of the cleaning wand. A specially designed HSD unit allowed removal from the vault for outside cleaning if necessary.

MSR manufactured a special HSD unit with a stainless plate equipped with support hooks bolted to the concrete baffle which separated the upstream stage from the coalescing stage. The removable portion of the HSD unit incorporates trunnions which engage the hooks when in place. An elastomeric gasket seals the removable portion against the baffle while extendable, adjustable poles hold the removable portion securely in place against the gasket. MSR braced the opposite end of the extendable poles against the outlet end wall of the vault.

Industrial Oil Water Separator - Cosmetics Plant Coalescing System cosmetics-unit-inlet-chamber


Unique but Effective Solution

This unit is somewhat more complicated than our standard HSD units. On the other hand, it offers a versatility of use and maintenance capabilities unmatched in the industry.  Request a Quote