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Coalescing Plate Pack Retrofit for U.S. Navy Washington Facility

MSR is always glad to work with the US Military and we recently provided a retrofit kit of coalescing plate packs MSR for use at a U.S. Navy facility in Washington. This is part of a retrofit kit for an existing 1986 vintage Quantek separator. Their old equipment lasted many years, and the separator tank was still usable, but the media was worn out. MSR was able to adapt our new coalescing media for use in this semi-antique separator and expect that it will provide even better performance than the old media. MSR can provide retrofit kits of the latest high-efficiency media for use with most separators including Quantek, Facet,  Great Lakes Environmental, and others.  We can also retrofit most API separators for both more efficiency and greater allowable flow rates.

navy 1

Old (1986) Media before replacement


One of the new Media Packs

MSR Coalescing media is one of the most efficient ways to remove oil from water using an enhanced gravity design that does not require consumables or utilities and lasts many, many years as evidenced by the Bremerton project.

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