Solving Oil Water Separator Problems

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The Osprey

osprey1In early 2015, the new giant hangar for the Marine Corps MV – 22 Osprey tilt rotor plane was constructed at Marine Corps Air Station, New River, North Carolina.

This hangar is completely state-of-the-art and includes all of the maintenance equipment that might be required. Aircraft maintenance, like any other vehicle maintenance, eventually generates some oily water that must be treated to remove the oil.osprey2

In extreme foreground in this photo, it is possible to see one of the trench drains provided in the floor of the hangar. The water from these drains is directed to a Mohr Separations Research oil water separator designed to remove oil that might be present in the water.  A typical separator of this type is shown below.


MSR is proud to be a part of this project and have provided this support for the US Marine Corps as well as other equipment for other US military facilities around the world.