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See our innovations in oil water separation techniques are utilized across all industries. Customized solutions help reclaim oil and reduce costs.

remembering the past

MSR proudly remembers the winter of 2010 where one of our units was utilized by the Canadian Forces at the Winter Olympics in Whistler, BC. The Canadian Forces managed the security at the Olympics. Because the area in Whistler was… Continue reading

Kicking off the new year right

Hello everyone! Its a new year with more new and exciting opportunities ahead. MSR manufactured coalescing plate packs for use at a Washington U.S. Navy facility. Here I, Tim Agatep, am pictured below holding up one of the modified coalescing… Continue reading

Projects in the works

MSR has been busy working simultaneously on five different projects within the past couple of weeks. One job requires some of our HSD units at an aircraft facility in the US, while another utilizes our MSR-22 P oil-water separator unit,… Continue reading